6 Defining Traits of a Hmlet Coliving Community

Singapore Nov 13, 2020

These elements are the cornerstones of your coliving experience at Hmlet.

This is not another listicle with made-up labels of the types of people you’ll meet at coliving spaces. At Hmlet, we see a revolving door of fascinating and inspiring people who come through to enrich their life experiences and that of others they meet. There are way too many permutations of Members to pigeonhole into tropes and stereotypes.

At Hmlet, you get to meet people from all walks of life who may or may not share the same opinions as you. That’s what makes every day an adventure.

However diverse one Member is from the next, the shared values that underlie our community are also what unite it. We believe that you are defined by what you seek and why you seek it - be it a close-knit community, a place to call home, or fresh cultural experiences. There are a few universal things that drive us, meaning that you just might share the same goals as your flatmates at Hmlet.

What do you seek?


If you seek freedom, you are most in your element when you’re roaming. You enjoy being footloose, and don’t like to live by rigid rules and structure. To you, they’re more like… living suggestions. Which is why you will appreciate the flexibility aspect of Hmlet. While you can settle in any place, you don’t take root anywhere. You have a wandering spirit and enjoy engaging with people from different walks of life along the way.


You are eager to get out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries. Co-living provides you an opportunity to develop into a more enriched version of yourself because of the various people you get to meet and activities to engage in. You believe that the less comfortable you are in your surroundings, the more you’re forcing yourself to grow.


Those who prize experience over thrill are driven by the desire to try out new experiences before everyone else. You are always game for that new activity, trying new food, or visiting a new part of town, so you’ll definitely love the activities that Hmlet regularly organises. Sketch walks, dumpling-making workshop and face-painting sessions … they’re all the better to enrich your life stories! You always like to be updated on new events (because #FOMO) and have no qualms about dragging your friends along for the ride.


You are driven by new ideas, and you seek constant mental stimulation that will trigger creative output. You see the journey more important than the destination, so you’re usually happy to go with the flow and are up for new experiences, particularly meaningful ones where you get to engage with new people, cultures or environment. You’ll likely be hanging out at one of our common areas designed for greater interaction among tenants.


You’re a people person through and through, and you enjoy convivial get-togethers and cosy, intimate gatherings. You probably believe that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met. You love getting everyone together and are usually the glue that holds the group together. You’ll be the one getting everyone to take part in Hmlet activities, from themed rooftop parties to yoga sessions.


Anywhere you go, you want to learn as much as you can about your surroundings, and you like being in the thick of the action and mingling with the locals. Local history and architecture fascinate you greatly. Be it heritage hikes, photography tours, or neighbourhood walks organised by Hmlet, you are eager to try them out if it means you get to dive right in and embrace new cultural knowledge and understand your local community better.

Which of these motivations inspire and drive you the most? Be it coliving or private accommodation, search for hundreds of rooms and apartments for rent at Hmlet. We’ll help you find a home fuss-free, so you can focus on doing more of what you love. Get started by joining our coliving community here.


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