Big Apartments for Small Prices in Hong Kong – Impossible or not?

Hong Kong Jul 16, 2021

When it comes to renting apartments in Hong Kong, space is an important factor to consider. We've rounded up a list of spacious apartments in Hong Kong for not so big prices.

Admittedly, Hong Kong is not the cheapest city to live in, whether you are a local or an expatriate. At first glance, it seems that all big apartments are luxury apartments that are out of reach and that every “typical” single apartment in Hong Kong is a shoe box. This is of course not true, as there are loads of people living in decently sized apartments in Hong Kong.

Likewise, it doesn't mean that you necessarily have to live in a cramped space in order to be thrifty. Truth is, there are spacious apartments for rent in Hong Kong with a living and dining area at relatively cheap prices.

The question is how you can find these apartments at “smaller prices”. Also, “smaller prices” can be viewed in relative terms. For example, if you want space and all the convenience of a prime location, your apartment will not be the cheapest but it will definitely be the one that’s most value for money.

Naturally, there is always a trade off for everything, and if you decide to pay a bit more for more personal space and convenience, your slightly higher rent would be a small price to pay (pun intended).

So we compiled a list of best apartments for rent in Hong Kong that's big in size, but small in price!


Situated in Wan Cha district, Luna boasts a glossy and lofty vibe with its 105 fully-furnished and spacious apartments such as deluxe one-bedrooms, studios as well as penthouses. Moreover, this property offers complimentary breakfast on weekdays, a gym and an outdoor terrace for individuals, couples and families to enjoy Hong Kong city living to its fullest.

East Residences

If you are looking for quick accessibility to the Hong Kong business district of Taikoo Shing, look no further than East Residences. With studios, penthouses and 1 or 2 bedroom suites, this property provides a sophisticated feel with all the amenities of modern-day living. Furthermore, look forward to the meticulous service of the property’s concierge team while luxuriating in your abode or the reading area inside the building  with a good book. If you are the outdoorsy type, you would be excited to know that the Mount Parker and Quarry Bay Park hiking trails are just a stone’s throw away.

Como Como

Looking for a respite from the concrete jungle of Hong Kong skyscrapers and historic buildings? Como Como situated in Causeway Bay might just be the space you need. Inspired by nature themes, this establishment offers a stress-free living space with well equipped kitchens, a roof garden, and a state-of-the art home theatre system.

Apartment O

Want to take a trip down memory lane in 1930s Hong Kong and Shanghai? Well, Apartment O provides residents with diverse and nostagically themed rooms such as Old Hong Kong and Old Shanghai. That being said, residents would not miss out on modern amenities like bathrooms with jacuzzis and fully decked out kitchens.

Victoria Harbour Residence

If you wish to savour a bird’s eye view of Kowloon East and Victoria Harbour from the comfort of your home, Victoria Harbour Residence would likely be one of your favourites. From elegant one-bedroom deluxe to three-bedroom duplexes all equipped with home automation systems and quality beddings, tasteful residents would have access to high-end amenities like indoor and outdoor pools, 24-hour gym, and a luxurious spa. The Clubhouse by the residence offers Cruise, one of the nicest rooftop bars in Hong Kong and loads of dining options to cater to every palate.

Hmlet Tsing Fung Street

Hmlet’s Tsing Fung St is located on the border of Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay and offers residents a laid-back vibe away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Rooms range from Master Rooms with private ensuite bathrooms to 3-bedroom apartments to cater to couples and even expatriate families. This residence is located near attractions such as Hong Kong Central Library and Victoria Park.

Living room and dining area in Hmlet Tsing Fung St
All rooms at Hmlet Tsing Fung St are Master rooms with ensuite bathroom

Hmlet’s Zion Apartments

Nestled right in the midst of Hong Kong’s dynamic Mongkok District, Hmlet Zion Apartments are highly sought after by locals and foreigners alike. These apartments are enveloped by an assortment of cultural hotspots, restaurants and shops, with Mongkok Station a mere 2-minute’s walk away. 1 and 2-bedroom fully furnished apartments with living room amenities and washing machines are available.

1-Bedroom apartment Hmlet Zion Apartments
Regular room in a 2-bedroom apartment

Should You Live In a Hmlet?

The humdrum of Hong Kong city life can make it challenging to take a step back, and recharge. Also, the sheer pace at which city life is going can make it extra hard to develop meaningful connections. While it's important to look for a spacious apartment for you to have a good night’s rest and rejuvenate, your social life is just as important – meeting other members in our Hmlet community can help with that. Get in touch and view our spaces for yourself with no obligations!


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