Could Coliving Be The Answer To Renting Woes In Australia?

Coliving Nov 17, 2020

If you've got rental issues, seek help.

What are some of the best and worst renting experiences and trends for 2020? A Hmlet survey reveals insights into rental trends, as well as highlights issues that are plaguing the renting experience in Australia.

From dealing with unresponsive landlords and inflexible leases to sharing with flatmates who have nothing in common — if you’re currently a renter yourself, how many of these experiences resonate with you?

We commissioned the Pollfish survey interviewing renters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane aged 18-45 to understand the desire for renting and coliving.

Size matters

Nine out of ten 18-34 year olds view the Sydney market as unaffordable and lacking variety and six out of ten respondents would consider moving to a larger property if they had flatmates to move with. This showcases the huge barrier of rental apartments and houses where Sydneysiders are unable to afford the entire property or relying on flatmates to make it happen.

Living with Hmlet helps to tackle this issue, as members are able to move into individual bedrooms, rather than take a lease on an entire property, with a range of room options to choose from - from studios to 4-bedroom shared apartments.

Living area at Hmlet St Peters, Sydney

Fixing problems

Around 60% all respondents living with flatmates mentioned that they forget to purchase household items such as laundry detergent, when it is their ‘turn’ to buy the necessary daily items.

We recognise how such items can be forgotten which is why Hmlet provides house amenities and on-site laundry service.

Lounge area at Hmlet 601 King Street, Newtown, Sydney

Flatmate matching

53% of 18-24 year olds find it hard to find good flatmates in their city. We foster a strong sense of community by organising events for members and creating a network across all Hmlet properties, resulting in meaningful relationships and creating a friendly environment within apartments and in the wider community. As a result, 89% of our community members say they are compatible with their flatmates and 82% say they regularly engage with their flatmates.

People want to be part of a community and our properties are designed with community in mind, featuring common areas like lounges and rooftops, providing members with an additional touch point to interact and connect.

Summer backyard party at Hmlet St Peters, Sydney

With nine coliving properties in Sydney and more opening soon, we meet the needs of Australians and expats by providing fully-furnished apartments, utilities, unlimited Wi-Fi, weekly cleaning, maintenance and access to community events. Want a member opinion? Here’s what Cassidy Dewar from Perth has to say about coliving with Hmlet.

At Hmlet, we are setting a new standard for how people live by providing a flexible and hassle-free living experience, with custom-designed homes and an engaged community, providing people with a far superior renting experience compared to what has traditionally been offered.

Be it coliving or private accommodation, search for hundreds of rooms and apartments for rent at Hmlet. We’ll help you find a home fuss-free, so you can focus on doing more of what you love. Get started here.


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