Find A Rental Apartment in Singapore Using These Facebook Groups

Singapore Sep 10, 2021

Finding a rental apartment isn't just limited to platforms like, Property Guru or AirBnb anymore. If you find the right Facebook group, you just might find the right home.

With over 1.8 billion users, which is more than half of Facebook’s massive user base of 2.85 billion, Facebook groups have been the go-to platforms for many to form meaningful communities which would have otherwise been harder to do offline.

For renters in Singapore, you would be thrilled to find out that there are in fact many Facebook groups that can connect you with landlords, companies and people who are subletting directly. Whether you're looking for a fully furnished room or an unfurnished apartment, you'll find options on these groups.

Benefits of joining a Facebook group when renting

If you're flexible on your specifics and wish to cast your net wider when searching for your next apartment, Facebook groups can connect you with independent landlords and rental companies alike.

Facebook groups are also monitored by admins and moderators thus ensuring that the group is active and that the content posted is always relevant.

You might even find us on these groups with some stunning images of our property. Hmlet Lorong G

Rooms For Rent (Singapore)

Rooms For Rent Singapore has amassed 113.5K members since its creation in 2013 and had over 4600 posts last month making them one of the largest Facebook groups for renters.

Targeted at renters and landlords alike, renters can indicate their property preference while landlords are free to list their properties. Landlords will usually indicate the location of the property, public transport available, room amenities, building amenities, and amenities in the surrounding area.

On top of that, some will indicate if you are living with them or with other tenants, making it easy for you to sieve through properties based on your preference.

One of the reasons why we love this group, the moderators of this page have set a no-spam policy across all posts.


A preview of the Facebook group

With 82.3K members, this Facebook group serves as a platform for renters to look for a place to stay and landlords to list their properties. You'll sometimes find agents on this group too. They focus on listing long-term rentals for those looking for a flat sharing experience.

With over 1000 posts last month, they are a great place to look into when you are trying to gauge the market prices of condominiums in different locations.

Property / Rooms For Rent / Sale Singapore

This Facebook page is managed by an interior design agency, Luxury Homes. What is unique about this page is that they list other service providers such as lawyers on top of property-related content.

With over 86k members and around 130 posts per day, this group is perfect for those looking for third-party services while looking for a new place to rent.

Rent Room, HDB Flat, Apartment, Condominium, Landed House in Singapore

This page was created in 2017 and has garnered over 10.6k followers and growing! With over 1750 posts in the last month, this page is dedicated more towards landlords renting out rooms or apartments in condominiums or landed properties.

Tip: Use this page as a conversation starter and take the rest of your negotiations offline.

SG Property Room Rental

This Facebook page is another great option to look for apartments or rooms for rent in Singapore. They were created 7 years ago and have garnered 25.8k members since then and had over 1900 posts last month.

The Only Way Is... Singapore

While it's not a specific page that only talks about space rentals, the 10.6k members in this page also trade tips on how to navigate life in Singapore, share furniture swaps or giveaways, and also directly announce that they are subletting their apartment.

You'll find sometimes that the discussions are also about housing-related services or housing woes where you can find tips from other member's experiences.

There's something about the instant gratification that you get when looking for a place on Facebook pages, but that would also mean that you're competing with many others who love the place that you're looking at too.

You may also consider Hmlet where you'll have peace of mind because of our beautifully furnished homes that come equipped and with an all inclusive rent. Just get in touch with our friendly sales representative to schedule a viewing with no obligations after! No matter which stage of life you're in, there is a place for you at Hmlet.


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