Looking for Pet-friendly Accommodation to Rent? Consider This

Singapore Jan 8, 2021

Struggling to find a pet-friendly property for rent that will house you and your furry/feathery/scaly friends? Here's what you need to consider.

We'll just make ourselves at home

Is it pet-friendly in the first place?

Before you deepen your home search - it's important to know if the properties you've shortlisted are pet-friendly. Trying to sneak in your pets is not cool, not to mention potentially infringing on rules and regulations if you're looking at private condominiums and apartment complexes.

Pictured above: Hmlet Hamilton, our fully pet-friendly building so you and your animal friend will always feel welcomed. Pre-launch promotion for homes in this building available now!


One of the biggest blockers pet owners face when looking to rent accommodation is the landlords' stance on pets in their properties. Landlords commonly fear damage to their property and furniture and will not hesitate to charge tenants a hefty repair or cleaning fee or absorb your security deposit.

It's a no-brainer to start by being upfront with your potential landlord that you have a pet, and ask them if they're comfortable with it. This doesn't only apply to most common pets like cats and dogs, but all pets. It's the courteous thing to do.

Ask the landlord if they would be comfortable with having animals on their property. If you're willing to pay an additional fee for cleaning at the end of your tenancy, make this known as well. More often, this helpful information could sway a landlord in favour of letting you rent with them.


Moving somewhere new also comes with the gamble of finding out what kind of neighbours you will have. As you'll likely be spending much time at home, your neighbours are practically your unofficial roommates. With that in mind, it's important to find out beforehand what your neighbours will and will not tolerate.

They might be sensitive to noise, in which case your dog barking will not sit well with them. They could also be afraid of animals (all phobias matter) and your harmless cat could be a ferocious predator to them. If you're lucky, they might be impervious to all of the above, but why chance a conflict with your neighbour that could sour your living situation?

Ask your landlord about your neighbours' preferences ahead of time. It's the ... neighbourly thing to do.

The perfect mouse-mate

Damage control

If your pets are prone to clawing or shedding, or struggle with house training - factor all this into your search. Wooden floors and carpeting should be avoided as they can be easily damaged and are also harder to clean. Tiles are the best as they are hardy and also make cleanup a lot easier.


Depending on what type of pet you have, space is of utmost importance - for both you and your animal friend. If you have a dog that requires ample leg room to bound around, don't do Fido like that by cramping yourselves into a shoebox studio lest you have enough time in your schedule to take him out for regular walks and runs.

Being indoors all day is no fun for everyone


Just as important is where you choose to rent your home. Having pet-friendly amenities nearby will make you and your pet appreciative campers. Amenities and facilities that are handy to have nearby are veterinarian clinics, pet supply stores, pet-friendly parks, and pet-friendly dining establishments. Do your research ahead of time and narrow your options based on the pet-friendly amenities available within a comfortable and easily accessible distance.

Living with Hmlet

In case you didn't know, our private Hmlet properties are now pet-friendly. As Hmlet is technically your landlord, we say bring your pets!

Our private homes consist of studios and full apartments that are spacious enough for you and your pet pals. We also provide regular cleaning services to help you keep your space tidy. Our leases start from 3 months too, making it a flexible, convenient and hassle-free choice for you and your favourite animals.

Enquire with us and we'll help you find a forever home for you and your pet!

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