Less Struggle, More Snuggle for Families With Hmlet Nest

Singapore Dec 31, 2021

Get to know Hmlet Nest. Why it was created, the products under this concept, and the reason why we chose to name it 'nest'.

Earlier in June this year, we pushed out a press release announcing the official launch of Hmlet Nest, a turnkey, private housing solution aimed at young local and expat families or couples.

You've probably seen the news on Tech In Asia, Expat Choice and Lifestyle Asia, all highlighting the different elements of Hmlet Nest. This includes catering to a slightly more mature crowd, families or couples with furkids and being the ideal work from home environment.

But like many other sub brands, the story behind its creation is hardly brought to light. So here's ours.

The Genesis of Hmlet Nest

Since the beginning of Hmlet, our Members have always been an energetic, sociable and ambitious bunch. They consist mainly of expatriates relocating to Singapore, Hong Kong or Tokyo for their first overseas transfer; many coming to Asia for the first time. The concept of Hmlet and its hassle-free aspect — from being taken care of from day one to its community events to help integrate into society here — served our singletons greatly. It was common to hear Members say that they chose Hmlet for the convenience, but stayed for the community.

As their career progressed, and their network grew, our Members became more integrated into the existing Hmlet community in each of the local markets and society at large. Naturally, as their circumstances evolved, so did their needs.

Some Members grew out of the co-living concept, others preferred a private unit to themselves (especially with work from home becoming the default work arrangement since COVID-19) and some moved in with their partners. These Members needed that extra something to help them ease into the next phase of life, while still having access to hassle-free solutions from a flexibility and convenience perspective – and thus birthed the conception of Hmlet Nest.

Homes under Hmlet Nest

Functionally, Hmlet Nest will offer all unit types. This includes studios and 1-bedrooms to bigger 3- and 4-bedrooms. Just like our Hmlet Homes, the minimum stay period is 3 months.

The difference lies in the entire building being pet-friendly, with added services (room cleaning or laundry on the Hmlet app), perks and events catering to families and couples. In addition, Members have full control over their apartment design and can choose if they would like it to be fully-furnished, partially-furnished or unfurnished.

The first property to bear our Hmlet Nest concept is Hmlet Hamilton, our latest property in Jalan Besar that spreads across eight conservation shophouses at Hamilton Road.

A sneak peek of a bedroom in Hmlet Hamilton

A sneak peek of a bedroom in Hmlet Hamilton

Providing both co-living and private apartments, Hmlet Hamilton comprises 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom units, with a focus on 2-bedroom units as private apartments to cater to those seeking more space and privacy.

Why 'Nest'?

Simply put, our matured Members are about to enter or are already in the nesting stage of their lives. Hearing the term 'nesting' over the course of a few months, our Chief Real Estate Officer, Joshua Li, coined this project as Hmlet Nest and the name just stuck.

For us, 'nest' evokes a sense of nurture, safety, and a feeling of rooted-ness — everything that we want our Members to feel when they live at a Hmlet Nest. In a way, the name in itself pays homage to a home or a sanctuary for couples and families to create memories and live to the fullest before their nest goes empty.

If Hmlet Nest sounds like your type of home, register your interest in our upcoming Hmlet Hamilton property through this page and be the first to know when the property is up for rent or for physical viewings.

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Fizah Hatman

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