Hong Kong In Pictures: Local Photographers to Keep an Eye On

Hong Kong Jun 11, 2021

As it's been a while since we all could travel freely, it's no surprise that many of us are starting to need a little bit of inspiration or a new perspective to view the world. That's why we have captured (pun intended!) a list of talented local photographers to show us the world through their lens.

There is no denying that the vibrancy of Hong Kong, its culture, nature, and architecture, makes it the perfect playground for photographers of all genres. Be prepared to be wonderstruck by the work of these local artists specialising in different types of photography including in fashion, cityscape, sports and adventure, and lifestyle. Who knows, they might even inspire you to pick up photography as a new hobby!

Architectural and Cityscape

Victor Cheng
Using what he calls a "whimsical style" photography with a lot of natural light and clean composition, Victor captures his audience on Instagram with his colourful depiction of Hong Kong cityscape, earning him over 100K of followers. Apart from being IG famous, Victor's work are also featured on various publications including Forbes, CNN, Vogue, The Telegraph, and GQ.

Website | Instagram

Kevin Mak
As a registered architect and owner of 1km Studio (architecture design and photography think tank), there is no doubt that Kevin has keen eyes for shapes and designs. With almost 100K followers on Instagram, this urban photographer enjoys capturing the city's imperfections and informalities using warm tones to create emotional visual stories for his audience.

Website | Instagram

Gary Ng
Gary is another IG famous photographer with over 30K followers to date. With a passion in architecture and what he calls frozen geometric photography, Gary uses minimalistic style and colours to capture bold architectural shapes from interesting angles. A lot of his work are circulated on famous architect Instagram pages including Arquitecturamx, TV Buildings, and Point of View.

Instagram | Garyng218@gmail.com

Fashion and Products

Cheuk-Yin To
Cheuk-Yin of Yinstudios is a fashion photographer specialising in both products and portraits photography. Cheuk-Yin honed his craft in New York where he previously worked with brands like Chanel, Givenchy and BALLY, and captured images of iconic celebrities including Kendrick Lamar and Zombie Boy for Hypebeast Magazine.

Website | Instagram

Kiva Huang
Graduated with a Degree in Digital Photography from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Kiva started taking photos since he was only 15 years old. Specialising in commercial and fashion photography and videography, his techniques for high end fashion photography have earned him projects with global brands like Hermes and VOGUE!

Website | Instagram

Ken Ngan
A truly Hong Kong born and bred artist, Ken studied Fashion and Visual Communication at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His career took off when he started working for Lane Crawford before landing projects with brands like NIKE. You can also spot his editorial pieces for various magazines such as Jet, i-D, MINGS and Manifesto.

Website | Instagram

Sports and Adventure

Karen Chan
Karen is a photographer and videographer, specialising in a niche sector of sport photography, rock climbing and bouldering. Her work often displays athletes' moments of intense focus or action shots that requires precision and patience to capture. In 2020, Karen also did a collaboration on a climbing documentary film production called “6.87 INCHES” shot in Hong Kong.

Website | Instagram

Mak Cheong Wai
Mak is another photograph with a niche focus on sports and stage photography. Her work includes that of gymnastics and synchronised swimming competitions, as well as of dance performances and theatre shows. She has previously collaborated with institutions like Hong Kong Ballet, Y-Space and HK Arts Centre.

Website | Email

Patrick Leung
Even though he graduated with a degree in Urban Planning, Patrick's passion is in sports and events photography using shutter burning technique and minimalist style. Some of Patrick's work are for competitions arranged by Teach for Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, and Bandai Namco.

Website | Instagram

Candid and Lifestyle

Justin Wong
Apart from running his own freelance UX/UI Design and content creation business, Justin is also passionate about street, drone, and cityscape photography, winning him over 10K of  followers on Instagram. Justin's street photographs often feature the city during sunset golden hours, playing with the contrast between light and shadow.

Website | Instagram

Emily Tse
AKA Emily Drinks Chocolate, Emily is a fashion photographer specialising in editorials and portraits for magazines including KEYI, PAP, Modic and JellyBaby. However, it is her street photography with a mysterious undertone that captures our attention. Inspired by the local supernatural stories, Chinese fairy tales and futuristic theme, her work will leave you seeing Hong Kong in a different light.

Website | Instagram

Jeremy Cheung
Jeremy is an urban freelance photographer with a passion in capturing candid moments with a focus on mood. His photographs often feature people going about their daily activities from a raw and subtle, or even poetic perspective. The fusion between abstraction vs. reality, minimalism vs. complexity, and symmetry vs. imperfection in his work has won him collaboration with brands like Canon, RedBull, National Geographic, and HK Design Centre & HK Tourism Board.

Website | Instagram

These pictures got you itching to see more of Hong Kong? What about an off the beaten path adventure outside of the city? Or keep things simple and visit Sai Ying Pun or Tin Hau this weekend with your flatmates.


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