Humans of Hmlet: Chiara Accornero, the Curious Risk-taker

Singapore Nov 17, 2020

Having lived in several cities before ending up in Singapore, the Italian native actively pushes herself to step out of her comfort zone.

"Just give it a shot. You may end up liking it more than you think."

Stepping out of your comfort zone is daunting. To Chiara, it's a chance to surprise herself.

Having lived in cities like Seoul, Beijing and Buenos Aires, Hmlet member Chiara Accornero has now landed in sunny Singapore and stayed in Hmlet Cantonment ever since she touched ground.

She took the plunge with coliving because she was drawn to the human factor. "I've been moving around a bit, and I need some people to hold on to," she says, "so coliving worked out for me."

Chiara resides in Hmlet Cantonment, Singapore

The earnest Italian credits her stints abroad for making her more culturally sensitive and open-minded. While she claims that she's naturally shy, she constantly pushes herself to step out of her comfort zone to experience different cultures and ways of living.

"I always try to understand other cultures. I like getting to see the other side of the coin."

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