5 Interior Design Hacks for Studio Apartments

Singapore Jun 23, 2021

Is it possible to fit a life’s worth of belongings into a small studio space and still have room to breathe? The answer is yes.

Are you inspired by the Netflix series ‘Tiny House Nation’ and scrolling through Pinterest for small house interior designs but don’t really know where to start? We’ve got your back.

While many of the studio apartments for rent in Singapore face limitations in room capacity, there's nothing that a little bit of creative design work and a list of studio apartment essentials can't fix. In the process of forming a functional, micro-living space, you might even be able to show off your personal style.

Here are 5 design hacks you can implement into your studio apartment (rentals included) to overcome living space restrictions while creating a safe haven to call home.

1. Splurge On Versatile Furniture

When it comes to furnishing studio apartments, less is more. Invest in a few multi-purpose compartments and furniture as they can save you space and that means, walking around without stumbling into your belongings.

For example, a tall bookshelf acts as a space divider to divide the bed and work area while acting as storage space, or a table that can act as both a dresser and a TV stand. Don’t let the micro-living lifestyle hinder the practicality and aesthetics of your room!

Studio apartment in Hmlet Sasazuka utilising tall bookshelves

Declutter your studio by creating hidden storage. You might encounter problems in organising the masses of clothing in your wardrobe. In this case, use tie hangers and pegs. Using these in addition to your hangers can maximise the space in your closet. Hmlet's studios provide you with wardrobes, all you need is to invest in some hangers and pegs! Another way is to start living with a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes are highly curated to you and support a minimalist lifestyle.

A common problem you might encounter would be when organising the masses of clothing in your wardrobe. A solution would be to declutter your studio by creating hidden storage, like using tie hangers and pegs in addition to your hangers can maximise the space in your closet.

All of Hmlet's studios provide you with a standard wardrobe, so all you really need is to purchase some hangers and pegs! Remember, to live out your minimalist studio dream, your lifestyle will need some tweaking. Another way to declutter is to start living with a capsule wardrobe that features a few standard and classic pieces that allows you to mix and match freely.

2. Retire From Being A Hoarder

With limited space available, every inch of footage counts. When going furniture or compartment shopping, make sure you make purchases that you absolutely love.

Here are some questions that we find useful when filtering out your studio apartment essentials:

  • Are these baskets large enough to help me store and organise my items?
  • Is this table really a necessity or am I just using this for decorative purposes?

Instead of browsing through the big furniture section, explore the small compartment and baskets section. You might find that getting hold of smaller items can ease your journey of categorising your belongings and make your studio organisation more hassle-free.

E.g. acquiring basket-bins or plastic containers may be useful because they are stackable and can be placed on top of your wardrobe.

3. Take Advantage Of The Wall In A Rent-Friendly Manner

Sometimes going vertical with your storage method and interior design is the way to go. Install removable hooks, pegboards, stickable-shelves: things that can help get your items off the floor and organised in an efficient and stylish manner.

One way to utilise vertical space is by playing around with the functionality of your studio doors. Install stickable hooks that are easy-to-use and remove when need be to maximise the potential of your closet or bathroom door. You’ll soon come to realise the use of hooks and racks can be of significant help when you’re trying to find a home for your coats, jewellery, umbrella, and other miscellaneous items.

Usage of baskets and hooks to maximise floor space at Hmlet Urbana

4. Show-Off Your Windows

Dress your windows with curtains or blinds. A word to the wise, wispy curtains as opposed to blackout ones can prevent dust build-up while simultaneously allowing natural light to enter your room.

And as we all know, incorporating natural light can help open up the space making it feel more airy. Best of all, you can also save money on buying less artificial lighting. With that being said, Hmlet has got you covered with this as most of our studios feature wide windows and sheer curtains (and sometimes blackout ones as well) so you don’t have to worry about your studio lacking in light.

Studio apartment in Hmlet Guan Chuan St

Placing mirrors around your studio would also open up the space. Having mirrors leaning or hanging on the walls would create reflective surfaces in your studio, which would help form the illusion of a larger space. This can also help allow daylight to reflect and brighten up all areas in your studio.

Finding the right spacing and arrangement for your mirrors can involve some trial and error. If you find yourself stuck in contemplation and unable to conclude with the best design results, you can always visit Hmlet Interiors to access virtual consultations with Hmlet’s expert designers to make your interior design process smoother (and less of a headache).

5. Embracing Your Aesthetic

Hmlet’s studio apartments in Singapore are fully-furnished but there are still ways to incorporate personal touches to the space for it to feel like yours.

Some simple ideas include:

  • Throwing a pop of colour or patterns into your home in the form of flowers in a vase or a carpet.
  • A new set of cushions with colourful cushion covers from your favourite shop.
  • New bed linen in a spectrum of colours and textures.
  • Candles in fancy glass bottles on a metal plate.

Afterall, adding personality into your safe space should be a fun project as you would be embracing what truly makes you, you.

Swap out cushion covers for personality - Hmlet Tiong Bahru Rd

And if you are looking for something that doesn’t only add character to a space but also cleans the air you breathe, how about cultivating your green thumb? Purchase a few pots, hang them on hooks attached to walls, or place some of the artificial plants that Hmlet provides on your side tables. The ways of assimilating them into your home are infinite. If you’re not too keen on taking care of plants, opt for faux leaves that can be placed in vases, pots or even wine bottles if you’re feeling a little avant garde — another way to spice up the studio!

The list of effortless things you can do to make your studio more catered to your personal style, are endless. You can find more of these innovative ideas by following Hmlet on Pinterest to see how we style our homes in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

The tips above may prove to you that living in a studio apartment the size of a shoebox does not mean you have to sacrifice your personal aesthetic or the necessities of living a comfortable lifestyle. In fact, it may show you how little you need to be happy!

If you are:

  • Open to living a more minimalist and sustainable lifestyle
  • Constantly travelling with a luggage’s worth of clothing
  • Wanting to live a more independent lifestyle with a home just for you,

Then renting a studio apartment at Hmlet may be suitable for you! We have studio apartments of various sizes in Singapore located at Tiong Bahru and Tanjong Katong. Simply reach out to us today!


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