2021 Interior Design Trends For Any Space

Singapore Oct 10, 2020

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Redesigning and renovating your home or workspace can be both exciting and challenging, especially when you are on a budget or are unsure of what interior design style to adopt. Here are some interior design trends for 2021 and why furniture rental from Hmlet would be the perfect option for you if you are experimenting with quality furniture!

Interior design trends are constantly changing. Thus, decorating your spaces with au courant furnishings and hues can be exciting. Some of you stylistically conscious folks might already be setting your sights on office or home design trends for the upcoming year. Yet the presence of COVID-19 has and will continue to set a more functional tone (as opposed to an aesthetic one) for interior design in 2021. To spruce your homes and workspaces up to be more functional and chic, we have put together home and office interior design trends, ranging from fittings to colour schemes, that designers are embracing for 2021 for the new normal.

It's the simple things at Hmlet Takadanobaba, Tokyo

#1 Back to basics

Like it or not, COVID-19 and quarantine have made many of you embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Indeed, consuming less in order for you to ‘live more’ might be just the way to go, especially in these trying economic times. Choose the appropriate furniture and home decor fittings such as leather accessories and metallic materials, to transform your minimalist apartment into one with a luxe and classy feel!  Alternatively, for a more utilitarian feel, check out fittings with aluminium frames, or consider furnishings that are industrial elegance personified, like the Xavier Tall Shelf. If you are renovating your abode or workplace, consider marble and wood in various hues and shades to create a sleek and simple look. If you are still unsure and are experimenting with various fixtures, fret not. With Hmlet’s furniture rental option (available in Singapore only) beginning from 3 months, you have the flexibility of trying out to see which furniture piece suits you best!

Sliding doors to make or break up space at Hmlet Sasazuka, Tokyo

#2 Home offices

Amelia, the Interior Design Lead at Hmlet, opines that the trend of home offices is here to stay at least for 2021 and the near future, given that many of us have to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Well, if you do not have an extra room in your flat or apartment to set aside as a home office, you might create a study in your living room or bedroom instead. Concerned that your home office might stand out like a sore thumb in your home? Well, the best bet would be to use sliding panels, curtains or even make use of available structural walls to seamlessly demarcate your study from the rest of your home in order to separate work from your personal life. Moreover, remember home office necessities such as ergonomic chairs, good energy-saving lights and flexible power points for greater work productivity, convenience and good posture. For more details, browse Hmlet’s Home Office collection here to set up your new office at home.  

Nice to see, nice to hold at Hmlet 16 Rees Street, Sydney

#3 Natural fabrics

On the note of sustainability and going green, it is no secret that natural fabrics would be in trend in the upcoming year. Chic bedding, curtain textiles and even padded cushions are a combination of cotton, linen and other natural fabrics. Make your abode or workspace a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore urban life, by incorporating natural fabrics into your home decor and lifestyle. Having cosy natural fabrics to cushion your dwelling space would provide an ideal respite to calm your nerves down after a long day at work!

An open relationship with Hmlet Iwamotocho, Tokyo

#4 Open spaces

To increase ventilation between spaces while being confined at home in this era of the ‘new normal’, open and lesser-defined spaces might be perfect for your home design options. As open spaces do not have physical boundaries, it would help to remember to maintain a consistent style throughout your space to avoid creating a cluttered mess of clashing designs due to the lack of boundaries. For example, choose a neutral colour scheme with different types of materials for your entire house to ensure that there is a consistent theme running through your abode. To up the cosy factor in your open concept space, add rugs and soft lightning to create a homey and snug ambience. Also, set aside nooks around your house, such as a small lounge by the window, to add intimacy and texture to your quarters. If you are still clueless of what style you should adopt, consult the dedicated team at Hmlet for expert consulting advice from brief to build!

Cane is able

#5 Rattan galore

The re-emergence of rattan in the modern interior design lexicon reflects the global demand for environmentally friendly interior decor items, that happen to look really cute too! Rattan is easier to harvest and generate than other tropical trees and is thus a sustainable resource.  Rattan is native to the Southeast Asian region, and various designers are spinning it into the aesthetics of home, retail and office spaces. If you can't go to a tropical retreat anytime soon, bring the tropical retreat to you. Evoke an airy resort-feel by adding rattan to your apartment or office space . Enhance the tropical dimensions of your space while enjoying the breathability provided by this finely woven material. If you want to declutter, consider getting rattan storage containers that retain a tinge of rustic sophistication.

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The design of your home or workspace, with all the accompanying colours, styles and fittings, should reflect your preferences and personality. Furthermore, as you spend more time at home in the wake of the new normal, having a well-designed and comfortable dwelling and workspace can make a huge difference to your overall well-being and quality of life. That is why having a team of seasoned interior designers to assist you in choosing the perfect home furnishings and designing your home in 2021 is essential!

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