Meet Hmlet, Again.

Singapore Sep 18, 2020

We're not just getting a face-lift; we're also going beyond simply coliving.

Same mission, bigger direction

Since Hmlet came to life in 2016, we have tried to push the envelope every way we can in changing the way people live. Embarking on our primary goal to offer hassle-free, flexible living  solutions through curated custom-design spaces and services, we have built a community of members from all walks of life in various cities - Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Sydney - facilitating meaningful connections within sustainable homes. We’ve provided services that enable a more customised and convenient way to live, and created events that spark discovery and action.

Our purpose behind it is simple and unwavering: we want to help our community live free and pursue the life they’ve always wanted. Now, we're growing beyond that by developing more offerings to help our community live more and do more.

From coliving to living and lifestyle

After months of exploration and hard work, we’re excited to unveil the newest stage of our evolution. Our growth from a coliving company to a living and lifestyle platform begins with a bold new tagline: Be unordinary.

Our new call to action invites you to cast off the mundane in favour of questioning the status quo, going off-piste and challenging the norms; all in the pursuit of living a life less ordinary. No matter how you choose to live your life, do it in a way that pushes you out of your comfort zone while leaving little room for regret.  It also serves as a rallying cry for us at Hmlet to focus on curating and creating unordinary opportunities for you, through our offerings and experiences.

Our new branding helps to recalibrate our identity and expression. By offering new services and interfaces, we’re looking to inspire our members to pursue their curiosity and passions, grow our diverse community, and break new ground.

Our website received more than a fresh coat of paint. It was redesigned from the ground up to be more empathetic towards our community's search for a new home by making the experience simpler, digital and seamless from end-to-end. Alongside our website, we’ve added new features to our member app for a more holistic and interactive user experience.

Making space for new opportunities

We’ve also introduced two new services - Hmlet Interiors, our interior design consultation service and Hmlet Furniture, our furniture rental service. With these services, we are extending our expertise into helping people create the space of their dreams in an easier, smarter and more accessible way.

Not least is the launch of Hmlet Listed, our property listing platform for landlords, agents and tenants to streamline the process of listing, searching and renting apartments and condominiums. Hmlet Listed also marks our foray into Malaysia and Thailand.

No matter how many new things we’re bringing, our mission remains the same: to change the way people live. Now, our vision has grown bigger, so you can do more, explore more, live more with Hmlet.

Inspired to live your best life? Whether you're looking for a home that's more than a roof over your head, a community that's practically family, or a smarter way to get more out of your space - start at Hmlet.


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