Moving To Your First Studio Apartment - Here Are Some Tips

Singapore Apr 12, 2022

Moving is stressful. Moving from an apartment to a studio apartment, adds a little more stress to the mix. But fret not, we have some handy tips to help with that.

Organising a move into a new place can be harder than it looks. It takes patience, time and a lot of decision making to sieve your life’s worth of belongings to a new location. This is especially so if you’re moving for the first time or to a new place that has limited storage area; a studio apartment.

Here are some general tips that can help your moving process become less stressful!

Get to know your studio apartment before the move

Moving into a new studio apartment without knowing all its curves and edges (i.e. measurements and layout), is like starting your first day of work without being aware of your role.

Having the floor plan and measurements at least a month in advance, will save you a lot of time and effort when sieving through your essential and non-essential items. If you are moving from a bigger space, chances are that you will need to be mentally prepared to pare down your household items.

A studio apartment in Hmlet 55 Tiong Bahru Road

No two studio apartments are exactly the same. It will be useful to take note of the interior and exterior layout of the studio, and which direction it is facing. This way, you can take into consideration the type of furniture that will best suit the weather, size of room and aesthetic of your home. Little things like choosing the type of curtain can be hard if you aren’t sure how much daily sunlight you get.

Order furniture ahead of time

Now that you have the layout of your studio, it might be a good idea to start shopping for furniture ASAP. The biggest shift happens here — enter your furniture shopping phase with the intention of adopting a minimalist lifestyle while still maintaining your personal aesthetic.

A useful tip would be to draw a basic floor plan of your studio and note down what furniture you plan to place there. Another thing to take advantage of are multi-purpose furniture. Think along the lines of beds that seamlessly fold into a wall, or a cabinet that doubles as a partition between your bedroom space and the living room. It's all about maximising your floor space and furnishing smart.

There are so many other tips to take into consideration when choosing furniture for a small studio apartment, such as using vertical space to hang items or prevent using heavy curtains because they will make the room feel stuffy. For more tips to optimise the interior of your studio apartment, you can check out these interior design hacks for a studio apartment.

Foldable beds, aka Murphy beds, at its best

Learn to pack things efficiently

There are a few effortless things you can do to make packing more manageable and your life much easier. If you find yourself struggling to organise your boxes in a certain order, use colour codes in the form of coloured markets or sticky notes. To add, you might also want to label your boxes as precisely as possible. This would make sorting your boxes and unpacking less stressful and much easier.

Here are some examples to get you going:

  • Red marker: Donate - Salvation Army
  • Green marker: Fragile - Kitchen items - Cups, wine glasses, bakeware, plates, etc.
  • Blue marker: Room - Books and photo frames

There are so many other tips to take into consideration when choosing optimal furniture for a small studio apartment such as using vertical space to hang items or prevent using heavy curtains which will accumulate dust and will cause the room to feel stuffy. For a more elaborate list of tips to optimise the interior of your studio apartment, you can check out these interior design hacks for a studio apartment.

Pay for a moving service

Moving is going to tire the heck out of you, mentally and physically. If you can afford it, utilise professional moving services. Just remember to pack things in boxes ahead of time, before the movers arrive since most movers are paid by the hour or blocks of time. They're your muscles but you have to pull your weight with instructions and directions.

The ‘essentials’ bag

The moving process would likely take at least an entire day, if not multiple. Make sure to give yourself sustenance while managing the move. Some tips would be to prepare a moving day backpack where you can store extra clothing, toiletries, valuables, powerbank and your everyday devices. All your daily essentials should be placed in this bag as well.

You might not have everything set up by the first day so having your daily needs (like your packing for a weekend trip) would save you a lot of trouble scrambling for items you already packed in boxes.

Before throwing out things that you decide not to bring to your new studio apartment, consider donating them!

Find a local thrift shop nearby where you can drop your unwanted items or download a selling app such as Depop or Carousell for clothing. Donating can allow you to earn some of the money you used on things you don’t need anymore or accumulate some good karma. More importantly, you are doing your part for Mother Earth by extending the lifespan of things that are still in good condition as opposed to throwing them away.

But if you’re looking for a more hassle-free way of living, then get in touch with us. Our Hmlet homes are all fully-furnished and equipped, and rent is all-inclusive (e.g. utilities, Wi-Fi, maintenance, etc. are all included). All that’s left is for you to pack your clothes and necessities for the move!


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