Humans of Hmlet: Self-care in Sangenjaya

Japan Dec 7, 2022

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a fashion magazine writer in Tokyo?

We spoke to K, Hmlet Sangenjaya’s member, who told us about her coliving experience and her favourite things about this neighbourhood.

The Tokyo connection

For K, choosing Hmlet Sangenjaya as her home was a no-brainer because it is well-connected by public transport and has great access to practically anywhere. Also, this place is along the Denentoshi Line which provides her with ease of commuting. “Sangenjaya is two stops away from Shibuya, or one stop away if you use the express line, which is very convenient for me.” In addition, there is also a bus station just one minute away from my place that gets me to Shibuya, Misyuku and Ikejiri!

Self-care is self-love

Balancing work and life is extremely important to K. “My hobbies are centred around beauty and fitness. On my days off, I really enjoy indulging in the salons — hair, nails, facial, eyelash — you name it!” she exclaims. Alternatively, K also likes getting a workout in the hot yoga studio or gym, followed by an enzyme bath to treat herself. With all her favourite beauty and fitness spots within walking distance of Hmlet Sangenjaya, self-care is just around the corner.

Vintage advantage

Famous for its vintage fashion shops, K enjoys visiting these shops on her day off. “The great variety of vintage fashion shops, coupled with their late operating hours means it's fun to go after work!” She adds, “behind Hmlet Sangenjaya — literally a thirty seconds walk away — there are a few shops that I've been meaning to explore.” Other than the late operating hours, the vintage shops in Sangenjaya are reasonably priced too, making this neighbourhood a vintage hunter's paradise.

Hmlet is more than a home

K finds that the coworking space in Hmlet Sangenjaya offers her the focus zone she needs. “Whenever I work from home, I normally make full use of the co-working space. I prefer it to my room because I can concentrate better. Also, as it’s on the 9th floor, the great views are a bonus.”

“I'm constantly challenging myself to try new things, which is why I enjoy participating in Hmlet's community events.” In her last event, she joined an Italian cooking class where she learnt how to make potato gnocchi and tiramisu from scratch.

More than the great location and vibrant neighbourhood, Hmlet Sangenjaya is where K has found inspiration to live her life in full measure.

About Hmlet Sangenjaya

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