Hmlet Sangenjaya Is Paradise For Pets & Owners Alike

Japan Sep 13, 2022

A human of Hmlet and her furry friend find their forever home at Tokyo’s Hmlet Sangenjaya.

We spoke to Hmlet Sangenjaya member and web designer, N, to hear about why she chose Sangenjaya as a home for her and her four-legged family member.

Meet Punch!

All pets are welcome

N was looking for a newly built home that was pet-friendly and close to her workplace. "With an uncompromisable checklist, it meant my choices were very limited. This was until I heard about Hmlet Sangenjaya from my friends and it didn't take long for me to decide to move in!"

On her time off, she visits the Komazawa Olympic Park's dog run area with her furbaby Punch — a short 15-minute stroll away. They also love walking along the greenway just behind Hmlet Sangenjaya to relax as, "There are no cars, extremely calming. I recommend it to all pet owners and lovers."

Find everything you need

Convenience is key

Hmlet Sangenjaya's location was what helped seal the deal for N. It is well-connected by public transport, making it a very useful location. Without changing train lines, she is able to reach Omotesando and Aoyama easily.

In addition, there is also a 24-hour supermarket, Maruetsu, right in front of Hmlet Sangenjaya and a Don Quijote Picasso offering a variety of household goods by Sangenjaya Station. N chirps, "Whenever I need anything, I just stroll over and find what I need."

An escape in the middle of the city

Weekends are for relaxing

Living at Hmlet Sangenjaya, Punch and N are blessed with many pet-friendly cafes nearby. N muses, "Whenever we go for walks to Setagaya Park, we’ll always make a pitstop at FUNGO for its excellent burgers. A pet-friendly joint, it is always crowded with pet lovers and Punch loves meeting other dogs there!"

Why Hmlet works for Punch and N

Besides being pet-friendly and having an amazing location, N enjoys living with Hmlet because of the additional convenience provided.

N enjoys the ease in which she can order clean sheets, "With the Hmlet app, I can order dry cleaning of my bed linens with no fuss." Hmlet's partnership with LUUP — an electric bicycle rental company — is also a Member perk she relies on frequently. "I can rent and drop off the bike easily as there are dedicated LUUP parking docks at the property itself."

She also cites the stylish interior design of Hmlet Sangenjaya as another key reason for her choosing Hmlet. "At Hmlet, I feel like I'm staying at a premium hotel or serviced apartment. I really like how each room is brightly lit, the chic washroom and large balcony with its lockable double doors gives me a sense of security."

She adds, “More than the great location and vibrant neighbourhood, Hmlet Sangenjaya is where N and Punch can enjoy all the creature comforts of home together.”

About Hmlet Sangenjaya

With so many surrounding lifestyle amenities and public transport options, why wouldn’t you want to live at Sangenjaya?

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