5 Reasons Why Renting A Studio Apartment Is Better For Students

Singapore Sep 22, 2022

Wondering why renting a studio apartment might be the right decision for you as a student? Here are some perks you may have missed out on when assessing its pros and cons.

As a student, a conducive living environment away from distractions and noise is of the utmost importance. However, renting an entire apartment alone in cities like Singapore, Hong Kong or Tokyo, isn't the most prudent option.

Enter studio apartments. Small as they come, they are efficiently designed homes that contain basic amenities (kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, etc.) while giving you the privacy you need at a more affordable price tag.

If you are caught in a fix trying to decide on an accommodation (flat share, co-living or a private studio apartment), here are five noteworthy reasons for renting a studio apartment. And maybe even go as far as helping you excel in your studies!

Your very own sanctuary

With a studio apartment all to yourself, the possibilities are endless!

You’ll have the freedom to cry, be moody, and vent about your troubles without fear of judgement or causing disturbances to others. Additionally, worrying about roommates creating a ruckus when you’re studying for an exam, prepping for a presentation or attending virtual lessons via Zoom are no longer concerns.

And when it comes to designing or layout of the space, you’ll have full control. Minimalist or bohemian, declutter or arrange furniture as you please — in a rent-friendly manner of course.

Great value for money

If you are working within a budget, renting a studio apartment is definitely more affordable than a 1-bedroom apartment or loft.

Best part of all, it often includes basic necessities of living in a household as complementaries to the rental payment. This way, you won’t need to spend extra time and money scouting for bedding, furniture or appliances — all is usually provided.

Moreover, university semesters usually run in 3-month intervals and this works perfectly with the short-term rental packages of studio apartments. How so? Well, traditional shared housing requires a minimum 12 month lease but studio apartment providers, like us, don’t.

At Hmlet’s studio apartments, utilities, wardrobes, Wi-Fi, maintenance and tables are included as part of the rent. If you’re curious about what else Hmlet has to offer within the rent deal, head on over here.

An example of a living room and kitchen space in a studio apartment.

Cleaning and maintenance

Renting a studio apartment means not having to worry about the hygiene levels of others, catching COVID-19 from your housemate’s guest, clearing someone else’s mess or even queueing up to get your laundry done. If you ask us, these reasons are enough to rent solo.

Studio apartments, like the ones Hmlet offers, includes weekly cleaning in your all-inclusive rent. Gone are the days when you had to worry about sweeping, mopping and cleaning your kitchen while balancing school work, because all of that would be done for you on a weekly basis. To add, if anything breaks down, simply log a ticket and it'll get fixed in a jiffy!

Less house rules

Staying on campus or at a student dormitory comes with a set of pretty strict house rules. These include visitation hours, amount of personal belongings you are allowed to have, owning pets, daily curfew and more can sometimes be a burden to your preferred study routine and social lifestyle.

Most of these house rules go out the window when you are renting a studio apartment. This means you’ll be able to host parties, study wherever and whenever you like, own pets and come back to a safe haven without violating any rules!

Note: If you’re a pet owner and looking to keep your emotional support furpal close, head on over to this article for more on pet-friendly accommodation.

A friend to physical and mental health

Unlike hostels or dormitories where you are constantly in an academic-intense environment, renting a studio apartment allows you to set physical boundaries.

This is healthy, not only for your mental state, but also for your physical health. Your liking for the vicinity where you call home can encourage you to go on daily walks to stretch your legs and take in some fresh air. For those looking to rent in Singapore, whether it’s cafe hopping at Tanjong Pagar or window shopping at Orchard Road, you are opting for a lifestyle where you get more daily steps! Never undermine what small changes can do for you.

If the aforementioned points sound like something you resonate with, then renting a studio may be a suitable solution for you! To get started, check out Hmlet’s curated homes available in Singapore, Hong Kong or Tokyo. Always fully-furnished and conveniently located, living can be hassle-free when you’re with Hmlet!


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