Sharing Is Caring: How Co-Living Supports Sustainable Living

Singapore Mar 3, 2023

Living as a community encourages the sharing of assets, which means good things for our environment.

The main tenet behind co-living is about belonging to a community which is inclusive through a curated environment (shared common spaces and community events) that encourages collaborating and supporting each other.

Here are some examples at the top of our head that embodies the idea of a #Hmlet community and how by co-living, you are indirectly doing your part to save the environment.

Share clothes and reduce fashion wastage

Heading to Europe for a winter holiday, and fretting about how the weather in Singapore hasn’t equipped you with anything but slacks and breezy cotton tees? Your friendly roommate next door got you covered with her warm wool jackets and stacks of Uniqlo HEATTECH. Now, we can all work together to reduce the carbon emissions from fast fashion — which makes up 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Cook up a feast and reduce food wastage

Bought way too many Haas avocados that are now threatening to go bad? Gather your housemates over for a night of soccer and guacamole to save the creamy fruits from becoming unfortunate victims of food wastage. Score! It’s a win-win situation, you get delicious food and nothing goes to waste.

Communal rooftop area at Hmlet Portofino, Singapore

It becomes easier to live sustainably everyday when Hmlet creates a space that encourages Members of the community to share resources such as belongings, food and even transport.

How does Hmlet design co-living for a lower environmental footprint?

When people come together to share a living space, it naturally translates to a more effective use of land; something land-strapped urban cities like Singapore and Hong Kong can fully appreciate. Energy consumption also reduces when electrical appliances such as refrigerators and water-heaters are shared among housemates.


All our apartments come fully-furnished from the bedroom to the kitchen, which means that you would not need to worry about setting up the place. This makes perfect sense if you’re unsure about how you want to style your home or if you are not staying here for the long-term. As such, when you move out in the future, you would not need to fuss about donating or disposing of the furniture you bought.

Sustainable furniture

Living spaces can have an even lower environmental footprint when designed with sustainability in mind from the start — something the Hmlet team takes very seriously. Indeed, with great scale comes great(er) responsibility, and we hold ourselves to a high standard. Beyond the environmentally-friendly cleaning products that our housekeeping team uses, our growing commitment to sustainability runs thread-deep into the fabric of our design too.

Our interior design team makes conscious choices to work with sustainable materials and like-minded suppliers. The beautiful furniture in every Hmlet home is sourced from suppliers who use FSC-accredited wood like Ethnicraft. And if you’ve noticed, we have moved away from animal materials such as leather, whose production process contributes significantly to the climate crisis.

Other than that, we also make sure that our designs are functional. For example, the bed frame of our spacious beds in every Hmlet room is specifically selected for their smart design that uses less wood.

Custom-designed bed frame at Hmlet Cantonment, Singapore

Quality over quantity

Whenever we can, we’re mindful about granting longevity into our spaces through the usage of durable and solid furniture, which requires minimal maintenance. The quality and consistent standard that we uphold ensures lesser replacements and lesser waste — therefore ensuring everyone from our Hmlet Members to the environment will be satisfied.

With that being said, we’ve gathered a few other ways to reduce our carbon footprint as a company and we’re gearing towards creating the future we envision and have exciting product design projects in the pipeline that have sustainability at the heart of it. Stay tuned!

Balcony goals at Hmlet Sturdee Residences, Singapore

Be it co-living or entire apartments, search for hundreds of rooms and apartments for rent at Hmlet. We’ll help you find a home fuss-free, so you can focus on doing more of what you love. Get started here!


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