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Singapore Nov 17, 2020

Moving to a new city can be a big deal. There are numerous hurdles to overcome and periods of adjustment to work through. However, the transition can be made easier with coliving.

Some may view the idea of coliving as a way to put a roof over their head. Yet, this living arrangement is also a great way to help ease the transition of living in a new city.

Coliving eases the feelings of loneliness that come with shifting your life to a new environment. With a coliving community, you have a built-in support network that will share not only space, but also give immediate access to a group of like-minded individuals who may even have some tips and tricks on how to survive in a bustling new city.

Coliving is a great way to live hassle-free, while also expanding your social network. Helping to brush away any feelings of new city loneliness.

Communal dining in the heart of Hmlet Cantonment, Singapore

Benefits of living with other people

A lot of the more obvious benefits of coliving revolve around the concept of sharing facilities amongst other residents. However, coliving has a lot more to offer. It’s a fact that just living with other people also provides a sense of companionship that can be hard to find in the hustle and bustle of a new city.

Living by yourself can tend to get quite lonely. With coliving, you have a natural environment to help combat these feelings. Coliving provides individuals with a sense of community and companionship. This means that you’ll always have someone to talk to, or even similar people to help explore the city and find everything it has to offer.

If you have a roommate, you have a built-in opportunity to be more social. By living with other people, you not only expand your social network, but also your professional network. By interacting with a different circle, you open up possibilities to new career moves, friendships and possibly even love.

Proactive ways to tackle loneliness

When living in a new city, it can take some time to adjust and ultimately figure out your new normal. Instead of locking the door to your room and immersing yourself in the world of fiction, the best way to combat loneliness is by exploring your new city.

Find a routine
Creating and maintaining a basic routine is a great first step to take to tackle loneliness. Having a few small tasks you can depend on every day can be more comforting than you realise. This is because the absence of routine can often emphasise how empty your schedule might be, causing feelings of loneliness.

Sign up for a class or cluJoining a sports team or a book club is a great way to meet new people. By signing up to a club that celebrates something you are interested in, you can easily meet like-minded people. Once you begin to find people who share your interests, feelings of loneliness start to disappear.

Bring indoor activities outside
Once or twice a week, instead of reading or knitting inside, why not try and take this activity outdoors? There’s not only the benefit or breathing in fresh air, but you’re also bound to chat with one or two people. Sometimes all it takes is a quick chat with a stranger to make you feel connected to your new home town.

Dumpling-making classes with our Hong Kong community

How to feel more like part of the group

Coliving is a great way to overcome new city loneliness. However, if you are from a different country or city than your roommates, fitting in may seem like a daunting task in the beginning. The solution, however, is quite simple: be a kind and considerate roommate. Show the people you live with you care about their well-being by respecting your shared spaces and helping out when needed. Never be afraid to lend a hand and help out!

Being a good roommate
No one likes a roommate that leaves their belongings laying around or can’t rinse a bowl. In order to earn the friendship of your new roommates, practice methods of common decency. Once your roommates can see that you are respectful of your shared space, they will want to help you feel welcome in the home.

Sharing a meal or movie
If you’re arriving into a coliving arrangement where the other roommates have known each other for months, you may feel left out. So, try ordering a pizza for everyone or inviting your roommates out to a movie. This way you can bond over simple activities which will help you feel included.

Choosing coliving

Coliving is a new, modern way to enjoy the benefits of living away from home, while not having to lose all sense of community. The goal of any true coliving community is to provide a sense of companionship to its members.

Moving to a new city can often make individuals feel alone and isolated. However, with coliving, you’ll have roommates to help you through the adjustment of a big move.

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