Why You Should Live In A Condo Apartment In Singapore

Singapore Mar 25, 2022

Renting a condominium in Singapore has many perks, and they range from a team of skilled staff who manage building repairs and maintenance, to inviting swimming pools and 24/7 security.

Whether you’re planning to move to Singapore for work, moving for personal reasons or looking to rent a space that you can call your own, renting a condominium will check all the right boxes.

From a team of skilled maintenance staff who manage building repairs and maintenance, to inviting swimming pools and 24/7 security, there are a tonne of facilities and services that living at a condominium can afford you.

But is living in a condominium really for you? How does it differ from renting an apartment, HDB (public housing) or 2-storey landed house? Read on to learn more about the benefits of condominium living and why renting one could just be perfect for you!

Condominium vs. Apartment

These terms are often used interchangeably but actually carry different meanings, so before we begin, let’s get their definitions right.

In Singapore, apartments refer to smaller landed properties that do not offer many facilities — this is to say you may not have round-the-clock security, swimming pool or gym within your compound. Think of apartments as no-frills landed properties.

On the other hand, condominiums (aka condos) are larger landed properties that offer a range of facilities that may include swimming pool(s), gym, car park, tennis court, convenience store, basketball court, jacuzzi, sauna, etc.

Peaceful, private and affordable

The majority of Singapore residents live in subsidised public housing flats built by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). While living in a HDB provides a good quality of life, it is often more crowded and in that same vein, noisier.

Generally, condos have fewer residents and if you drill down further to the floor level, there are comparably fewer units on one floor versus the number of units on a HDB floor. Some condos even offer ultimate privacy and peace with private lifts that take you straight to your unit. Our units in Hmlet Duet and Hmlet Urbana offer this option.

Unit in Hmlet Urbana with its own private lift

Depending on your definition of peaceful, some people prefer to steer clear from being too close to MRT stations simply because of the area's footfall. In this respect, you'll find solid options from both HDBs and condos.

While a landed property option with a garden might offer you the best privacy and space, rental is usually out of budget range for most folks. So, if you're looking for a quiet(er) home to stay at because you're working from home or just want a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life, condos make a great option.

Pro-tip: Visit the condominium you intend to rent at different times of the day to get a feel of the overall noise levels and foot traffic.

Regular maintenance

If you're a stickler for cleanliness and a well-maintained residential atmosphere, then this will surely delight you.

Condos usually have a team of skilled staff that are in charge of your condominium estate. A big part of their scope is to manage repairs and maintenance, and address concerns submitted by residents. Forget about worrying about pest control or a fused lift landing light, as the condo management team will allocate resources to take care of any renovation or upgrading work.

In HDB estates, a designated Town Council manages your HDB block as well as the many other blocks within the vicinity. With so many to oversee and limited manpower, Town Councils are generally stretched and are unable to rectify issues or address concerns quickly.

Having said that, if you decide that condominium living is not for you, there are other affordable and well-maintained landed property options like our Hmlet Emerald Hill or Hmlet Sam Leong.

Living area on the 2nd level of Hmlet Emerald Hill

Swimming pool(s)

Living in sunny Singapore, knowing you can go for a dip in the pool almost anytime you want is a treat. And that’s what most condominiums provide, a swimming pool, or even a few! Take Hmlet The Sail for example, it houses a huge lap pool for serious swimmers, a leisure pool for serious loungers and a sun deck to get your tan on.

If you live in an HDB, you'll have to travel some distance to the nearest public swimming pool, or visit a friend who stays in a condominium.

An inviting pool at Hmlet The Sail


Singapore is a generally safe city to live in, one can never be too cautious when it comes to security. Condominiums are gated communities that employ a team of security guards and have checks put in place (e.g. side gates require a pass card to unlock, etc.) to ensure that only residents, their families or guests enter the premises.

HDBs and landed properties do not have a team of security guards, so you’ll have to rely on installing good locks and/or a security alarm on your front door, neighbourhood watch or police patrols and some luck.

A home with a panoramic view

Most condominiums in Singapore are tall, we're talking skyscrapers that can reach up to 250m or 72 stories high — talk about panoramic views! To add, newer condominiums have designed beautiful sky terraces or a rooftop garden that’ll really allow you to take in the sights and sounds while having a tipple or two after a long day at work.

Waking up to the view of MBS and Garden By The Way at Hmlet The Sail

Looking to rent a condo or a room in one? Get in touch with our friendly sales representatives who can help you find a home in a condo that suits you best.

What’s more, all Hmlet homes in Singapore come fully-furnished and equipped so you can move right in without any hassle, and rent is all-inclusive of WiFi and capped utilities!


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