How Not to Party Like a Covidiot

Singapore Dec 24, 2020

Social distancing doesn't mean you can't still have a social life. Here's how you can maintain it with cosier gatherings.

While we're still in the clutches of Covid-19 and can't go all out in partying like we used to, we now have the option of throwing cosier house parties that are just as fun and rewarding.

Throwing a house party doesn't have to be a massive, stressful endeavour where you labour over nitty-gritty details. It might involve preparations from menu curation to the guest list to stocking up on essentials - but once you have the essentials down, you and your guests are guaranteed a good time.

In the time of Covid-19, however, don’t forget to adhere to local regulations on curfew and headcount limitations. Be it a maximum capacity of ten, five or two, there are ways to make every gathering size an unforgettable party.

Here’s how.

Theme work makes the dream work

Tropical thunder.

If you can't go to the clubs, make the clubs come to you. Throwing a themed party is an excellent way to get you and your guests' creative juices flowing, plus who doesn't enjoy an occasion to play dress-up?

From kitchen discos, to murder-mysteries - all that extra time at home has become the mother of invention when it comes to dreaming up unconventional ways to turn one's home into a great escape.

If you've always wanted to buy a disco ball and smoke machine for the home, but never felt it would jive with the decor, now's the time to prove yourself wrong.

Stock up well

When the drinks are a-flowin', the conversation gets goin'.

Make sure you have enough supplies - from chairs to drinks and everything in between - and we don't mean just toilet paper.

Nothing kills a vibe more than having to rush out in the middle of a party in full tilt to restock, so make sure to supply an ample amount of everything that you'll be needing. You might also want to ask everyone who’s coming to chip in with a bottle of drink or food on top of preparing food of your own.

Keep your guests well-fed

Canapés and finger food will always be a hit.

Whether you’re throwing a house party or a planning sit-down dinner, what’s on the menu is crucial. Finger food like cold cuts, dips, and canapés are fun and easy to munch on alongside cocktails before serving the main course.  

Sit-down dinners, on the other hand, call for a menu that suits most palettes. Start with a refreshing salad and a variety of appetisers, and go for a main course that is a universal crowd-pleaser.

Many restaurants have pivoted to offering takeaway party sets to cope with a loss of dine-in business. Support your favourite restaurant. Order a fuss-free menu that is sure to please your guests. Zero clean up. Win-win-win.

Other responsibilities

Beyond the obvious responsibility of adhering to home gathering headcount limits, there are other considerations to take stock of that will keep your party rolling on for longer.

As more people are stuck at home, be considerate of your noise levels. If alcohol is involved, be sure to keep jugs of drinking water readily available so your guests can hydrate in between tipples. Now go forth and manifest your potential of becoming the host with the most.  

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