What to Do in 14-Day Quarantine: Speaking From Firsthand Experience

Singapore Nov 30, 2020

14 days of quarantine can adversely affect your physical and mental health - here's what you can do to cope and even thrive.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you might be toying with the idea of returning home to visit your family. Unfortunately, wherever you're heading to this year, it is almost certain that you will need to quarantine.

While the thought of seeing your family again makes you feel like you can face anything, the reality of spending two weeks isolating in quarantine is a hurdle that looms large.

That's why we're passing on some quarantine wisdom.

I personally had to quarantine for 28 days - 14 days each way between Thailand, where I'm from and Hong Kong, where I live and work - so I'd like to think I'm rather qualified to be sharing these suggestions. They certainly helped me go through some long days, and I hope you will find them useful too.

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Hold the binge

If you're committed to travel and need to serve quarantine, the best advice we've received prior to quarantine is to hold off on any entertainment or activities that you can do on your own whilst in isolation.

Made plans to binge The Queen's Gambit this weekend? Save it for quarantine.

Instead, go spend precious time with your friends and enjoy the outdoors. Save all those movies, TV shows, and books for when you are all alone in your hotel room.

The official soundtrack of quarantine


Having a routine can make the days in quarantine seem like they're passing by faster. Your routine could be as simple as waking up and having your meals at a certain time each day. If you are allowed to work from home during this period, great! Work will keep you from getting bored and will help you maintain a sense of normalcy in your schedule.

Creature comforts

Don’t forget to bring along a few items that will make you feel like home. We suggest items such as your favourite blanket, pillow, house slippers, coffee cup, and scent diffuser. This small touch is often overlooked, but trust us when we say it goes a long way in making you feel cozy when spending an extended time in a foreign place.

Cozy Acoustic Mornings
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More importantly, don’t forget to bring all of your favourite instant foods and snacks. Depending on where you will be quarantining, you might not be able to order food delivery from the outside. Cereal bars, oatmeal, chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, crisps, cookies, instant noodles, instant coffee, and hot chocolate all make great quarantine treats.

Let's get physical

Limited walking space coupled with too much sitting, lying down, and eating all day will definitely make you feel bloated in quarantine. Therefore, another must bring item is a yoga mat and maybe even a resistance band. YouTube has an abundance of home exercise videos ranging from yoga and calisthenics to HIIT and beyond. There are even playlists for 2-week workouts that are easy to follow and will help you build a routine. Check off a workout every day as you countdown towards freedom.

If you plan on doing a lot of exercises during your quarantine, we recommend bringing quick drying clothes, as you never know what laundry situation you'll be faced with.

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Brain gain

Finally, we recommend using this precious alone time to learn and try something new. This could be picking up a new instrument, such as a ukulele or a harmonica, or picking up a new hobby like watercolour painting, making digital music, knitting, or even dancing. Take that online class you’ve been wanting to for so long but never found the time. Whatever it is, maybe right now is the best opportunity to do it!

Before you know it, you will be reunited with your family and friends again, and who knows, you might just miss the time you had all to yourself during quarantine!

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