Hmlet Homes, Nest And Boutique: How They Differ, Benefits And More

Community Nov 16, 2022

Can’t decide which Hmlet accommodation is the best for you? Read on to get a quick rundown of Hmlet Homes, Nest and Boutique.

At Hmlet, we’re all about keeping things simple and helping you free up time so that you can focus on what’s truly important to you. No matter where you are residing or stage of life you’re at, our accommodation options will ensure that all your housing needs are met.

Before we begin… Here are a few complexities that you might face if you choose to rent via traditional means (i.e. directly with a landlord or through a property agent):

  • Worrying about long-term leases that go beyond your intended rental period. E.g. most rentals in Singapore require a minimum one year lease.
  • The existence of extra fees on top of monthly fees that may seem odd to non-locals. E.g. in Japan, your rent could be subject to additional fees known as guarantee or renewal.
  • Pet-friendly homes are hard to find no matter where you find yourself. E.g. rentals are easy to find in Hong Kong, but not pet-friendly ones. And even if you happen to find one, the long lease term of two years might be off putting to most.

With Hmlet Nest, Homes and Boutique, you won’t have to go through any of the aforementioned. Without further ado, here’s what you can expect when you choose to stay at a Hmlet, how the different accommodation options differ and which option would be best for you.

Hmlet Nest

Hmlet Nest refers to private apartments that range from studios to four-bedroom units. Other than being suitable for couples and families with kids, this is an attractive option for those with fur-kids as many of our Hmlet Nests are pet-friendly!

To add, they are centrally-located and close to public transport options. Making this accommodation ideal for those who enjoy the vibrance and convenience of city living.

Living Room in Hmlet Nest (Tokyo, Sasazuka)

Living at our private apartments may be something for you to ponder about if you require more flexibility. For instance, being able to choose between an unfurnished or fully-furnished apartment, or the option to commit to a short three month stay.

But perhaps more importantly, being a Hmlet Member (tenant) allows you to enjoy living hassle-free with our all-inclusive rent. This means, maintenance fees, monthly utility bills and weekly cleaning are all taken care of! To add, you’ll also gain access to Members-only perks (that include lifestyle discounts at your favourite gym or eatery) are included in one transparent price.

Hmlet Homes

Hmlet Homes is synonymous with co-living, which refers to a group of like-minded individuals sharing a fully-furnished home together. This means, each Member would have his or her own room but common spaces like the kitchen, living room and balcony are shared with others living the same household.

For those with a tighter budget, pick our Pocket room. A compact space, it comes with a single bed and small wardrobe, and just the right size for singles. Finding a larger space to seek respite from a long day of school or work? We’ve got the Master room that comes with a queen bed, larger wardrobe, and ensuite bathroom.

Hmlet Boutique

Communal pantry and kitchen at Hmlet Cantonment

Hmlet Boutique is our solution for short stays catered to travellers, staycation goers or even long-term guests seeking a more accommodative experience of six nights or more. As with any serviced apartment, the Boutique provides fully-furnished rooms, bi-weekly cleaning and an attentive Guest Experience team.

Having said that, our Boutiques depart from the conventional hotelier model with the inclusion of communal kitchens and lounges where residents can gather to cook, have a freshly poured pint, and hang out.

We encourage you to bring your pets for your stay as there are many pet-friendly areas within and around the property.

Extra Large room at Hmlet Cantonment

Whether it is just for a few nights or long-term rental, the facilities and variety of rooms at Hmlet Cantonment are designed to cater to all your needs. For those that are planning to explore the sunny isle of Singapore during your short stint here, a Small or Medium room equipped with a private ensuite bathroom will be just right for you! And if your family is looking for temporary accommodation while renovations are ongoing at your home, our two-bedroom unit will provide all the space you need for your luggage and other personal items.

So, that is everything you need to know about what Hmlet provides! Ready for a quiet and comfortable home that’s tastefully designed? We are confident that Hmlet can help you find your home away from home.


Jermaine Ng

Marketing Intern at Hmlet. During her free time she reads, boulders and indulges in nature documentaries.